Welcome to the homepage of DJ El Greco. On this website you will find a collection of recordings that I have amassed over the years from various (underground) techno events in the Eindhoven area. The collection is obviously a bit biased since most recordings are from events I performed at myself and as such should not be considered to be "typical" Eindhoven dance music. Many organizations are active in this region, each with their own specific sound. Check them out, they should be easy to find.

If you happen to (dis)like a particular set/mix, drop me a note, I always enjoy feedback, be it positive or negative. It will influence my record selection for my next gig...

And remember: the most important thing is to enjoy yourself!



[February 3, 2014] As you might have noticed, the site has been devoid of updates for nearly 2 years now, in that time I have taken a break from DJ-ing to focus on my career and to give my ears some much-needed rest. All the while I have kept the site and its sets up and running and am happy to see people still downloading and enjoying the music I have recorded and collected over the years.
It is my intention to keep the site up and running as a tribute to the sound of the underground. Any new materials I will upload to SoundCloud so you can enjoy them in a modern streaming way. I also intend to move large parts of my collection to SoundCloud in the coming year so keep an eye out for that.

The link to my soundcloud page is, I hope to see you there sometime soon!

For booking(s) mail me.

For comments, complaints, compliments etc. mail me.